Samuel Bane, Owner/ Operator

Who am I?

I am a former shop owner with a passion for technology!  The mechanical side was the bridge to my ultimate passion of advanced Automotive Technology.  The automotive community is moving at an unprecedented pace.  Manufacturers are transitioning to self-driving electric vehicles, advanced comfort controls and biometrics.  This overwhelming progression provides an awesome opportunity to fulfill my passion as a career.

What do I do?

I perform advanced level diagnostics and repairs by use of today’s most elite tooling and software available.  I specifically assist professional technicians and shop owners to determine the fault and best repair possible.

I can also meet the criteria to complete software updates by electronically installing or updating module data by use of an authorized dealer communication device.

In addition, I can add keys to the vehicle’s immobilizer system in most modern cars.


Sam did a great job diagnosing my problem and taking care of the problem. I would definitely recommend him!

- Happy Customer